Tip 1: Quality visuals!

A picture is worth a thousand words... according to Justuno 93% of consumers consider that the quality of photos is a key factor in their purchasing decision. The quality of the visuals of your bottles is therefore essential to boost your online sales!

The 3 tips and tricks to get the best visuals quickly!

1. The packshot photo

Tools: a camera or a smartphone.

To make your bottle stand out in a bright room, place it on a smooth surface and against a solid-coloured wall, preferably white. It should face the wall. Make sure you don't distort your bottle by taking a picture of it from too high or too low, so that you are facing your product.

The photo

2. Correct the background of your photo

Tools: free remove.bg website, photo of your bottle.

To remove your bottle in a few clicks go to remove.bg. On the homepage, click on " UploadImage" and select the photo of your bottle. The background will automatically be removed and made transparent. Click on " Download" to retrieve the background-free bottle image in png format.

Your photo in PNG

3. Import your visuals into your Plugwine interface

Tools: access to your Plugwine interface, the bottomless photo of your bottle.

In your Plugwine interface, go to the "Wines" tab, click on the detail of the wine whose photo you need to change. In the "Visual" box, click on "Modify" and then import the photo of your bottle with the transparent background.

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